Take THAT New Years Resolution!!!

031 - The War On Clutter

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So I guess I made my New Years Resolution back in September sometime.  That was when I scheduled a two-week vacation for after the holidays from work and homeschool in order to get my *%#@ in order.

In other words, de-clutter my house from top to bottom.

It was a tall order in that I can be a smidge of a pack-rat and tend to frequent a few too many garage sales.

But STUFF was starting to own ME, instead of the other way around.  Any table that had the nerve to sit there, minding its own business, was piled with whosits and whatnots.  Closets (of which in a 95 year old house are few and far between) were straining at their hinges trying to hold in all the necessities “I might need” in the next three to five years.  The upstairs homeschool room was haunted by the “ghost of homeschool years past” who taunted me with all the items that I had so lovingly chosen for my boys throughout their early learning.

It became incredibly stressful, and the weight of THINGS began overshadowing everything I did on a daily basis.  So in early fall, I knew I wanted to do something about the clutter.  I was busy teaching the blog writing course, but knew that right after Christmas, I was scheduled for a two-week work/school holiday, and that was my opportunity.

And oh baby – – did I ever cash in!!!

For over a week now, I have pilfered, plumaged, and painstakingly eradicated the clutter out of my house.  Starting from the attic homeschool room and working my way down through every room, closet, bookshelf, and under-bed stash I have single-mindedly and determinedly collected over seven lawn-and-garden style trash bags, four large cardboard boxes, and a large rubbermaid container worth of non-essentials that hopefully can find a good home SOMEWHERE ELSE!

And, of course, in the process, I unearthed a few treasures that had been missing for a few years – – which is always nice, especially when you have accused friends and family of having borrowed them and never returned them (mental note: pick up apology cards at Hallmark)

Anyway, it is January 7th and I have effectively completed my New Year’s Resolution already. 

How are yours coming????

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  1. Mine is to spend less time on the computer. So far failing miserably lol.

  2. Very impressive. I need to work on our basement. We rearranged and I moved all the stuff I need to go through into one tremendous pile.

    On another note, I actually knew of a TECHIE thing before you! Say it ain’t so! I can’t take complete credit for it though. I’m pretty sure my husband told me about it. He’s working on a Masters in Instructional Technology and he’s been introduced to a lot of cool stuff.

    And sometime we must chat about your stupendous Blueray player. Santa brought my husband a new tv for Christmas and well, now he wants a Blueray player.

  3. I also went on an organizing binge, you can see it on my blog. I’m quite proud of myself as well (although I’m not nearly so mad to attack a whole house) and my family is quaking in fear.

    How did your family feel about your organizing?

  4. We’ve been de-cluttering as well. Since we moved 3 months ago, we did the HUGE elementary school supply purge which emptied two closets. 🙂 My need was to cut back on Facebook, and its applications. So far, I don’t miss the ones I’ve blocked, and of course, it gives me more time to blog. 🙂 🙂

  5. Oh I love organization! I love NO PILES. If I have one pile in my house I am upset. Right now I have a pile of about 10 things in my bedroom on the floor…. got to handle that! IMO if you have a pile it is because you don’t have a place for it. Everything deserves a place. A home. When you know where something goes then you can put it there. If you don’t know where it goes then you pile it. No piles! (like no wire hangers!)

    I wish I was there to enjoy looking through your pile of homeschool discards! I know that your community will greatly appreciates anything you pass along 🙂

  6. Dang, Girl you beat me fair and square. We have a bunch (and I mean a BUNCH) of boxes in the attic that we’ve been moving from house to house for 10 years. I need to go through each and every one of them and just let that stuff go. I’m too scared, I’m too overwhelmed and I’m just plain too lazy to do it. But I thought I’d take 2 a month and make it a year long mission.

    Wish me luck! You’re my inspiration!

  7. Good job Topsy!
    My New Year’s Resolution was: Clean, Organize, DONATE – but I am failing miserably because I found the drug that is knitting!!!
    What, pray, are you doing with all the stuff ‘ lovingly chosen for my boys throughout their early learning.?’ I ask as a person with two younger homeschooled boys, and if you have anything you’re interested in sellin’ I might be interested in buyin’ 🙂

  8. January 7th and you’ve completed your resolutions?? Show off ;D

    My only question is: how much would you charge to come and do that at MY house??

    • Okiron – just the THOUGHT of making that resolution gives me the cold chills!!!

      Kristen – message me…I’ll talk BluRay till your keyboard cries for mercy!

      Holly – hoping to stop into your blog today and get caught up you organizer you!

      PebbleKeeper – Never got started on the FB apps…I know my addictive tendencies!!

      Melissa – A bunch of us local homeschoolers got together for a party on New Years Eve and I brought my huge rubbermaid box of discarded “goodies”…it was like Christmas all over again for those moms!

      Mom1 – It’s cathartic, I tell you! Grab a box every time your mom stresses you out, and you’ll be done in no time!! 😉

      SAT – Gave a lot of it away to local h-school friends and I’m selling some other stuff on ebay, but if it doesn’t “take”, I’ll give you first dibs!

      FM – Sorry…vacay is almost over. Catch me next year. ;P

  9. That is awesome Techie!!!! I’m proud of you!

    I cleaned out our entry way closet…that’s about it! That was a HUGE job involving almost 3 bags to Goodwill. There is hope right?

    Oh and I have a few of Techie’s stuff….but it was stuff I have been wanting…especially the picture dictionary! Now to ship off some of my preschool/kindy/1st,2nd stuff to a friend in Wa!

  10. That’s impressive! You may have won some type of award on that one.

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