Who Is This Linux Guy…And What Does He Want With My Son??

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I’m not sure how your family actively studies vocabulary, but we have our own unique strategy around here: give birth to a geekling. 

Our 15-year-old has a new passion, and I can always tell, because a whole new crop of words begin cropping up in his daily conversations. Now I like to think of myself as somewhat of a word nerd, but I quickly realize I am out of my league when the following arcana starts to infiltrate our life:


Root (and I don’t mean like the plant!)




desktop environment

I kind of get the whole “desperate parent” thing Jon Voight has going on.  It is not exactly easy to be completely bypassed by the person who was asking you to help them tie their shoes not long ago! 

So to stay in step with my son it means I have to embrace the idea of Linux. 

Lordy, do I feel old today.


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  1. I feel for you Topsy!
    Luke gets into fevers like this about games like Yu-Gi-Oh and, most recently, Monsterpocalypse. He’s going out and playing these in tournaments, with other kids (some of whom are actually guys in their teens and 20s), and I feel like I need to learn a whole new language to keep up too. And he’s only nine!
    Know this: I admire you, because you’ll always be more of a techie than me. Think of all the cool technological stuff you DO know, and feel young again.

  2. Waking up Windoze users you are in the Matrix!

    LOL — Well done grasshopper, the teacher becomes the student.

    I am proud of your son. I made the move to the light (a.k.a Ubuntu) over 18 months and LOVE it. I am using my Dell laptop with Ubuntu right now typing this post. My family HATES my computer but I love it. Grow with your son.

    btw … Want to impress him? Ask him if he is using Gnome, LXDE, or KDE for his desktop environment.

    • Chuck, the answer to your question was as follows: “I would PREFER to use KDE, but it freezes up the graphics card on my netbook, so I have to use Gnome.” Hee…I’m learning more by the minute!!

  3. Well, good luck with that. The penguin’s cute. I suppose that’s not the right thing to say, but I don’t have to worry about that.

  4. Well, sadly, I have no idea what this post is about. I’m with Holly, that’s a cute pengun. No techies over her, unfortunately .

  5. PL’s been torturing Uber with his complete acceptance of PCs and the Windows OS for months now. I’m waiting for Uber to set up a special “Tech Intervention” any day now.

    • When PL’s computer broke down I recommended him a site that gives away free Linux computers as if it was Freecycle (hint, hint!)

  6. Don’t fear the penguin! Tux is a very friendly guy who will give you a more secure and responsive computer!

    My oldest got into Linux when he was about 12, and he’s now going to college online while doing tech support for Microcenter. Whatever your son ends up doing, his knowledge of Linux and the philosophy behind it will help him along.

    Just wait, though until he wants to change Linux operating systems every other day….Debian to Xubuntu to Linux Mint to Eeebuntu to Fedora…My youngest has gone through 14 different ones in the last month!

    Ubuntu has some really nice educational features, also, including desktops and programs for different ages and releases designed for science and math students.

    Here’s my article on Linux: http://indieeducation.blogspot.com/search/label/linux

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