The Cheekbone’s Connected To The Blog Bone

I’ve been avoiding my blog lately.  It happens almost every time I teach another session of the Blog Writing Course.  For one thing, I’m spending 25-30 hours a week on the laptop for work, and about the last thing I want to do at the end of a day of telling people how to blog is…well…blog.

So I’ve been keeping my life and my thoughts to myself, which isn’t really healthy for me, actually.  I’ve noticed this strange twitch in my right cheekbone. 

Share or twitch??  What a conundrum.

Ok. Why not start right out with the most disgusting factoid?

sunbather I had to have a mole removed.  From my upper back.  I think I’ve shared that I’m one chromosome shy of albino, so that fair-skinned curse, combined with about a hundred excruciating sunburns as a child, has put me right in the middle of the danger zone for skin cancer.  I avoided it as absolutely long as possible, but then figured it was time for the dermatologist and I to get cozy, so that’s just what we did last week when he took a look and definitely categorized my mole as “suspicious.”

But instead of setting up a sting operation, or even setting up a neighborhood watch, he just pulled out a razorblade and took the thing to the pokey right then and there.  I had no idea the justice system had become so proactive, let me tell you, or I would have avoided it a good bit longer!!

Anyway, I’m supposed to hear back from the doc this week whether the poor guy was really guilty or not.  In the meantime, my cheekbone will be working overtime, I assure you.

So thanks for listening.  Maybe it’ll give me a break for a few hours now.


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  1. IMO, better to know than to worry. So I am glad it’s done and now you can be relieved once you hear good news.

    Let us know!

  2. Mom #2 is very fair as well, but her Hispanic heritage seems to keep her from burning too much on her body. Her face does get quite red just from driving sometimes. Keep slathering on lots of sunscreen.

    Let us know if that little guy is guilty or not. I’ll be thinking of you.

  3. See, I think it’s better he took the sucker off right there and then. If not, you would have had the worry of the appointment to take it off and the worry of the results. Now, you only have one worry. How nice of him ;-).

    Good luck, I’ll be thinking of you.

  4. Yikes! I hope you hear soon.

  5. Been there, done that a gazillion times. In my experience, dermatologists don’t feel like they’ve really earned their money unless they cut, burn, or freeze something off of you during the office visit.

    I’ve had a bunch of moles removed. Most have come back normal. A couple came back “abnormal”. One came back “highly abnormal” and my dermatologist had me come back for an excision. Not fun and I’ve got a lovely scar to remember it by, but still in the overall scheme of things it’s not that bad.

    I’ll be thinking about you.

  6. I know how uncomfortable that is, especially when you’re not expecting it, but I’m glad that sucker is out of your back!

    When Owen was six weeks old, I went to the dermatologist because a mole had come up on my face while I was pregnant. And the dermatologist must have forgotten that he was talking to a sleep-deprived, prone-to-worrying new mom, because while he was removing the mole (which I wasn’t expecting, just like you) he kept telling me about patients who’d come to him in just my situation and hadn’t survived!!!
    Seriously, the phrase he kept using was ‘death and young mothers.’
    And I’m still fuming about that more than five years later – but at least the mole is gone, and I’ve found a dermatologist who is a bit more restrained in her bedside manner 🙂

    Keep us posted –

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