The Good News and the Bad News

So wow!  I can’t thank you folks enough for all the well wishes on my behalf after I shared my basically nauseating tale of having a mole on my upper back removed. 

The good news, though?  The little creep was innocent of all charges, and had been taken to the slammer unjustly.  However, as a result of the experience, he has decided to travel from school to school as a cautionary tale of what can happen when you forget to use sunscreen.  Be looking for him at an assembly near you…

On a totally unrelated note, however, I’m sad to report that my eldest son also has a growth that I have no idea how to get rid of.  It would seem that he and his netbook have become a single entity. 

Where my son goes, the netbook goes.  Coffee shop, grocery store, church, mall, homeschool gatherings. 

In fact, I’m pretty sure I saw him take it with him to the bathroom yesterday.

It’s becoming a little worrisome.  I’d like to separate him from his new gadget, but I fear it may take more than a visit to the dermatologist to get rid of this foreign body.  I’m not even sure a surgeon has got the skills needed for an excision like this one. 

Nope… this one is going to need some heavy-duty psychoanalysis, I think.  If I could only remember how I got H-T to finally give up that pacifier…

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  1. Glad to hear that the mole was innocent. Kind of creepy that he’ll be inspected by children everywhere. I might have demanded him back for, umm, homeschooling purposes.

    James was very attached to these small cats I knit for him. I made him so many he couldn’t keep track and they lost their importance and no longer had to go everywhere. So . . . my solution is to buy H-T like, 10 or so netbooks. One of you will be happy. Perhpas my solution isn’t all that workable. It worked for small knitted cats.

  2. Right there with ya, our eldest got a netbook a few weeks ago, and yep – everywhere. He wanted an ipod touch and I talked him into the netbook, but after your review, I might have to sneak in a touch for mom . . . He’s building and designing on Roblox and little brother is animating his book, we just got a wacom tablet to help, so I’m assuming that will connect him even more. Wonder where they got their love of computing from? Beats Me.

  3. My hubby just got a new cell phone, with games in it, and pic-taking capability, and our nine-year-old cannot stop playing with it!
    Is it a guy thing?

  4. I’m so glad it turned out to be an innocent Klingon. I’m also glad you shared your experience as I need a check up myself due to the crazy amount of hours in my teens…early 20’s desperately trying to get rid of this pasty pallor. I have a couple areas that need checked.

    Z has a similiar passion with MY 😉 DS the last month…I do not like it.

  5. Glad to hear that the mole was nothing but, well, a mole 😉

    And sorry to hear about the other growth in the house. I had thought that Cody would have the same reaction when we got him his own laptop for Christmas. Happily, he hasn’t! Unhappily, he now has an unnatural affinity for the X-Box live that he and hubby went in halves on. Ugh.

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