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The Bat-Signal as seen in Batman

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So thanks to the recent Snowmageddon that crossed the country and wreaked havoc on the whole eastern seaboard, yours truly was out of power for about a day.

For many of you, that is a laughable number.  I mean some folks are facing six and seven day power outages!  But for the Topsies, I assure you that 24 hours of being disconnected from the matrix is traumatizing in the extreme.

The trauma began even before the power went out.  Poor H-T would jump like a soldier with PSTD every time a branch would snap.  “Oh God!” he would exclaim.  “Do you think THAT one hit the power line??”  Uber and I weren’t so vocal with our concerns…we were too busy looking for every charger in the house and making sure every possible techno-gadget was fully powered up before catastrophe struck.

And strike it did – – right after noon on Friday, as I was making lunch.  Never has there been a more depressed and sorry crew eating lukewarm soup in a dimly shadowed kitchen. 

We definitely tried to make the best of things.  At first, that consisted of basically taking naps near the gas logs to make time go by faster.  But when R-T got home from work, and the power had not returned, we knew it was time to get into survival mode.

Room temperature burritos for supper gave us the fuel we needed to withstand the brutal hours ahead with no tv, internet, or game consoles.  Instead, we lit all the candles we own, and got punchy on lukewarm gatorade.  That, and the obligatory boredom gave us the idea to make some fun crank calls to friends via cell phone.  When that got old, we pulled out the board games, and then tried some word association games to pass the time.  Off and on we also tuned into the local am radio station in hopes of hearing news about the heroic men and women in jumpsuits and hard hats who we like to call “the power company.”  

R-T even got the bright idea to paste a bat-shaped piece of cardboard over the front of his spotlight and shine it up into the clouds in case it would hasten our rescue.

Finally, at 9:00, because unlike Ma and Pa Ingalls, we don’t even own musical instruments that don’t require voltage, we decided to call it a night.  We blew out the candles and prayed for daylight.

Unfortunately, not even the morning sun brought us the electricity we craved, so we forsook our powerless prison, and headed over to the homeless shelter where hubby is the director, and where warmth and light abounded.  As the rest of our friends and neighbors continued to suffer, I’m not too proud to say that we spent the morning playing air hockey and ping-pong and watching the Today show. 

When a call back home was finally greeted with the lovely computerized voice of our answering machine, we knew we were saved and all was right in Gotham again.

Thank you, you wonderful, hard-working, power company employees.

And yes. Thank you Batman.  Wherever you are.

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  1. You’re welcome…all this sitting around is causing the bat clothes to get a little TOO snug these days. I mean, I really love being a super hero and all but when the tights start cutting off the circulation to my toes…I absolutely must draw the line & send Robin instead 😉

  2. LOL Holley! You really MUST let me drop by and see the Batcave sometime!

  3. LOL:) We thankfully didn’t lose power here. But I did make sure my laptop stayed fully charged. Not that I could have gotten on-line without my electrically powered router!

    And yes, a desk now stands where the crib has been. Definitely a momentous occasion and symbolic of the passing of time. That crib has been up for all but 2-1/2 years of the last 12. (and the downtime was only between kid #3 and #4) The first two kids were bumped out by the arrival of the next baby.

  4. We lost power from Friday morning until Saturday evening. Luckily we had our generator and woodstove. Dare I say I almost enjoyed it? It was nice to be “shut off” from the world for a bit.

  5. This is too funny. Nobody reads books over there? Glad your power is back up and everyone is plugged back in.

  6. You guys crack me up, I was thinking along the same lines as Rana! Do you have a non-digital deck of cards in the house, for the next big storm?
    Looks like we might be getting some snow this week, I will take a page out of your book if we lose power and make prank calls with the cell.
    Glad you are back among the powered!

  7. So apparently, getting H-T away from his netbook didn’t include getting the rest of you away from your gadgets. It was a 1 person intervention only. I see. . .

    • Ok, so I guess it won’t hurt my techie-cred TOO much to admit that YES, there were a few books involved in the 24 hr. withdrawal period, and YES, I do believe a pack of cards or two was possibly utilized. But this is between us, people! If anyone from Intel asks, it was pure hell from beginning to end, OK???!!!

  8. Well I’m glad you’re all hooked back up. What a travesty. Me LOVES my ‘lectricity!

  9. Sorry you had to go through that, Topsy! Our old neighborhood was always the first to loose power and the last to have it restored. Thank goodness our new neighborhood is stronger! No power loss yet.

  10. you always make me laugh! I can just see it. Glad you survived. 🙂

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