Friday’s Hardwired Homeschool Hints: Secular Homeschooling

fridays hardwired homeschool hints pic I don’t know the exact percentage of homeschoolers who consider themselves faith-based, but I’m guessing it is in the high double digits.  And resources and websites for NON-faith-based homeschoolers on the web are scarce, to say the least.  So I wanted to dedicate a Friday HHH post to those who sometimes feel like a minority within a minority.  If you are a secular homeschooler looking for web resources here are some sites you might want to check out…

  • – – website run by yours truly dedicated to being a one-stop shop for all things secular homeschooling
  • Homeschooling Freethinkers – – site supporting the international non-religious homeschool community
  • A to Z Home’s Cool – – Ann Ziese’s terrific and comprehensive site about everything you could want to know about homeschooling.  Includes info for both faith-based and secular homeschoolers
  • Secular Homeschoolers Yahoo Group – – over 2000 members strong!
  • Secular Homeschooling Magazine – – print magazine targeted to secular homeschoolers
  • Secular Thursday – – new and growing group of secular homeschoolers who blog about… what else…secular homeschooling on Thursdays!
  • Evolved Homeschool Wiki – – wiki for homeschoolers who espouse the theory of evolution and are interested in finding homeschool materials that take this theory as the basis for teaching

If you are a secular homeschooler, or just curious about secular homeschooling, drop by any of these great sites this week!

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3 Responses

  1. It’s interesting being in the fringe. If you’re a mainstream person, in general, in the fringe, then where exactly do you fit in?

    I liked the article you posted a while ago about the energy wasted in being secular. Hey, why doesn’t everybody head over to secular homeschool to read it?

  2. It is sometimes lonely being in the extreme minority of an extreme minority, thanks for all the resources!
    I do have to say that I think I run my homeschool just like lots of faith-based homeschools might be run, and that is a good thing. Homeschooling in general is tailor made to bring out the best in our children, and also to help them integrate into the wider world so that we can get along well, even with people who might disagree with us or be of a different (or no) faith.
    Gosh, The Stone Age Techie, getting all serious! Sorry, I try not to do that too often 🙂

  3. I’m not a secular homeschooler BUT I love that we have that choice and that you have that choice. I hope that makes sense. I have been curious about you and this though in a nosey non judgemental sort of way. 🙂

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