Teenager plus one

I swear it seems like just a couple months ago that I was bemoaning my youngest sons entrance into official teenage-dom. And yet, yesterday was H-T’s 14th birthday!!  How does that HAPPEN??!!

H-T is into keeping things really simple these days, so all he wanted to do to celebrate the 14th anniversary of his birth was have a family dinner at IHOP, followed by a silly string duel in the backyard. 

Uh. Yeah.  I think we can manage that.

I take back everything I’ve said about teenagers. 

Teenagers are a piece of cake.  (or in H-T’s case, a piece of store-bought giant chocolate chip cookie.  see?  easy!!)


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  1. Wow, my about-to-be 14 yo is rarely so easy! He wants a gluten-free chocolate cake with dairy-free raspberry cream filling, cupcakes to take to park day . . . and we’ll see, i wouldnt be suprised if there was ice skating or a movie with a freind or two.

  2. Not to be the the bearer of bad new, but you do realize that for the next birthday he’s going to want his driver’s permit. Hehe – if I’m going to swim those shark infested waters, I’m dragging you in with me, my friend ;D

  3. IHOP is James’ favorite restaurant. So far, not a single easy birthday though :-), fun but not easy.

    Happy Birthday, H-T.

  4. Yep, I think 14 beats 13. MIne wanted wool socks and a Subway sub when he turned 14 in Dec. Um, well, OOOOOKKKAAAYY. if I have too, LOL.

  5. IHOP is a place that holds many good memories for me as a teen. I’m glad it still has the same cache.
    Happy birthday to your 14-year-old!!
    I hope it is a very good year… for him and his Mom.

  6. Birthdays for our last teen at home usually involve pizza, cake, going to a movie with a gaggle of girls who all spend the night and finally, waffles, pancakes or french toast in the morning while still in pj’s. Fun!

    • FM – – Getting ready to write a blog post on that very thing next week…stay tuned!

      Cara – – the recipe part alone would give me anxiety!!

      Holly – – your time has not yet arrived, my dear. Hang in there!

      SAT – – thanks so very much!

      Laura – – umm…how about inviting me to the next sleepover? I think I could really benefit from the estrogen-fest!!

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