Found While Blog-Hopping…

I find myself surfing further and further into the sea of homeschooling blogs, and it has become a rather fun new hobby.  Mostly because it brings me across gems like this one, that I read at Sardines in a Can this morning…

I like to visit homeschooling curriculum websites. It is kind of like rubbing your tongue on a mouth blister repeatedly to see if it still hurts…..visiting curriculum websites is how I make sure I still suck at homeschooling.


LOVE it!!


5 Responses

  1. awesome!

  2. What a jewel! LOVE it. 🙂 Huge Smiles.

  3. Awesome! I haven’t tried that form of self-torture yet 🙂

  4. awww….shucks. thanks for the shout-out! i love it when new people read me…..the honeymoon period and all – you know – that time when you really haven’t read me enough to know me all that well and you still think i’m awesome. i freaking LOVE that part of the relationship!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Carol! I’m afraid I don’t identify, though. My honeymoon was BEYOND crappy. Gee…I think that gives me an idea for a blog post!!

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