Why We Homeschool…The Sequel


Where were we?

Oh yeah.  Deciding whether or not to send my little guy back into the world of mass-market learning.  Well…I spent the whole summer before Uber’s 1st grade year studying my options…

  • Private school?  Not even an possibility.  Therapies and doctors visits had already put our rears in arrears.
  • Public school? Scary.  I’d heard horror stories from local moms about how their kids with special needs were mercilessly teased and how services for kids with IEP’s or even worse – – giftedness – – were basically non-existent.
  • Charter school?  Hey, there’s an option. So we went for it!

But no one told me that the brand new charter school which was getting such rave reviews had a waiting list about three miles long. (and btw, Uber could’ve probably done the unit conversion for that to kilometers in his head at that age!)

So we homeschooled again the next year.  And the next.  And it was a rousing success. But when H-T’s time came along, would you believe I STILL couldn’t quite give up the dream?  That’s right, H-T’s cute little five-year-old tushie was marched right into kindergarten. 

And yes, I got to be a homeroom helper.  And wait in the drop-off/pick-up line.  And even bring cupcakes for his birthday.  The whole kit-n-kaboodle!!  Yet when his teachers sat down with me for his first conference and told me they suspected he might have a learning disability, the very first thought that came to my mind was…

“Well, I’ll just homeschool him then.”

So I did.

And except for a short bout of Uber wanting to try his wings in school during sixth grade and part of seventh, that is exactly what we have done. 

Not because I didn’t believe in the public school system – – far from it.  But because I believed it was the best choice for my individual kiddos.  And I still believe it…so much so that this year I’ve even trusted my kids enough to put the bulk of the responsibility for their education into their own hands. 

And when they sit in their therapist’s office twenty years from now, and regale her with tales of how they are in the crappy mess they are in because their mother didn’t “socialize” them properly, I will STILL believe I made the right choice.  (and probably also that my latest facelift makes me looks a little too much like Charo)

But those are the breaks, kids.  All I can do is what I think is best for my boys, who I say I “love” when “love” doesn’t even begin to cut it. 

Here’s hoping they’ll think so too someday…

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  1. What a great Mom you are, they are so lucky!

    I wonder if the kids ever do think about ‘socialization’ the way that we do; maybe we only worry about it because we were part of the mainstream for our own schooling? Just a thought.

    Also, I love your statement about trusting them to their own learning… that is just a beautiful way to look at education.

  2. WOWSERS! You have made me to want to blog my HS reasons. Plus it makes me stand in awe…and so very greatful that we are friends. I swear….actually I do not…;) BUT this year of my 39th….I lost two friends and gained more than 3 awesome ones.

  3. “All I can do is what I think is best for my boys”

    This is what it comes down to for everyone, which is what makes me crazy about all the “xyz is the best” wars. 95% of the families are doing the best for their kids, maybe 99%, and it’s not going to look the same way as how you do it. Get over it.

  4. My experience with the government schools is just that any child who is really curious and excited about learning will soon be called ‘learning-disabled” and serious attempts will be made by so-called “educators” to stomp that child into the common mold of the socialized masses and massas.

    May homeschooling grow and prosper… so that our free and innovative society may do the same.

  5. Yes, the best choice for our kids. That’s what it’s all about. And I bet they won’t be complaining about you in the adulthood–I bet they’ll be praising you and enjoying their lives. 🙂

    • Thanks for all the encouragement, gals! All of you make this bloggy adventure worth it, ya know??!! 🙂

  6. Amen, sister!

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