Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

So I haven’t blogged about the hubby in a while, and after this week, I think it just may be high time. 

That’s because this week, Resistant-Techie has come front and center of the Topsy drama.  To explain why, though, I’ll need to backtrack just a bit and give you a little history.

Not only is R-T not the techiest tool in the shed, but he is actually quite proud of it, you see.  He makes it known far and wide that he don’t need no stinkin’ flashing lights and beeping sounds in his life.  No sir!  He is a man of the great outdoors!!

So, in keeping with his character, he has made it his life’s goal to see every known (and unknown) waterfall within a 100+ mile radius of where we live.  And let me tell you – – that is no small feat.

R-T hikes in good weather and bad weather.  Alone or in company.  He doesn’t care.  He just wants to explore falling water and take photos of his finds.  Right now I could basically keep every calendar company from here to Nantucket in business with all the incredible waterfall pics that are sitting on our hard drive. 

If R-T doesn’t get to hike at least once a week he gets antsy.  No, no, I mean really antsy.  Trust me…I love the man and he has definitely still got it and all, but I’m all for the hiking, capisce??

Anyhoo – – the hubster often has to hike alone.  That’s because if he always waited for the geek squad to join him, he would be twiddling his thumbs until he had a nasty case of carpal tunnel. So he heads out on his own.  The only requests I make of him are that he please let me know the general direction where he is going and that he please stay on the trail.  That way, if he does run into the inevitable bear, and ends up as Resistant-Techie pellets, I will have the DNA to produce for the life insurance peeps. 

But last week he got cockier than usual when his spidey-senses told him that there was an as-of-yet undiscovered waterfall just over the ridge from the trail he was on.  He WAS in the general direction where he told me, so I suppose he figured one out of two wasn’t bad. 

But it was.  Bad. And now I feel guilty because I should have been there.

Had I been with him, he would have never gone off trail.  And had I been with him, he would have never convinced himself he could walk across a log to get to the other side of a creek.  And had I been with him, he wouldn’t have slipped off that log and landed with his side slammed against it.  And had I been with him, he wouldn’t have a broken rib and three detached ones.

And now, poor hubby has been forbidden by his doc to go out traipsing through the woods for at least 2-4 weeks.  I’m figuring that is going to make him one ANTSY camper.

And me?  Well, let’s just say I SHOULD have been there.


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  1. Poor R-T. I hope he heals quickly. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

    I can’t imagine the trouble my husband would get into with yours. Last summer we were hiking at Graveyard Fields. We were at the upper falls and we were under the mistaken impression that there was a loop trail. However, when we couldn’t find one we made our own. We crossed over the river, scrambled up rocks, walked through a briary meadow, crossed back over the river (above the falls) slid down a mud bank and finally made our way back to the trail. And this was with the whole family! Needless to say, I was less than enthused.

  2. Wow, he is so lucky it wasn’t any worse. Going in the woods alone, off trail, could bring on scary stuff. Hopefully he won’t get to antsy waiting out the 2-4 week time frame.

  3. Wow. I hope he heels well and doesn’t get too antsy. Maybe you could find a virtual trail program ;-).

  4. Oh, don’t be hard on yourself. He’s a grown man and honestly, should’ve known better. So sorry about the accident… maybe he could ready some photography books while recuperating? Understanding Exposure is good one.

  5. Best wishes for a fast recovery! Gotta love those adventurous guys. 🙂 And boy do I wish I lived that close to so many waterfalls!! This is sad, but I think I’ve only seen one my entire life. Now corn and soy bean fields? Those I’ve seen.

    • Kristin – – oh we’ve made our own trails at Graveyard Fields on several occasions!!

      Diane – – here’s hoping! And I think he has learned a very valuable lesson!

      Holly – – unfortunately, he would never figure out how to operate it.

      Karen – – known better? check. grown man? the jury is still out on that one 😉

      Jena – – ooh, sounds like it might be time for a family vacation to the Blue Ridge Mountains then. We are really good tour guides!!!

  6. Yikes. Broken rib, three detached ones. Ouch again. I would imagine the pain killers that they’ll give him would make him dopey and dreamy, not antsy or grouchy.

  7. Ok, so I need more info! How did he get back home? Did he walk back to the car and drive home or did he phone for a friend, did he get airlifted to the hospital, did a bear drag him to the wood’s edge where he flagged down another hiker?

  8. Oh, I hope he recovers soon!

    And, the shoulda-woulda-couldas can only take you so far… I know just the guilt you are feeling, that instinct to protect shows how very much you love your R-T. Don’t let it rule your life – but feel free to fling something at him (water, perhaps? or twigs, or leaves?) to help him ‘remember’ to keep on the trail next time.


    PS I confess to a similar desire for more info! Is he techie enough that he had a cell with him? How did he get out of his predicament? Enquiring minds want to know.

  9. Ow, ow, ow! That hurts just hearing about it! Of course, you do have the mother of all I-told-you-so’s to whip out when you need it 😉

    I’m also a little concerned for you over this recovery period. Mike was once laid up for an extended period and I tell you – I could have gladly smacked him upside the head a time or two!

  10. Well, the truth of the matter is that I usually spend more time off-trail than on. Last year, after I nearly got a concussion while bushwhacking to a remote waterfall, we had this agreement about not going off-trail alone, but somewhere in the late fall I relapsed and starting exploring alone again. Yes, I have learned a very, valuable lesson—never go to the doctor no matter what your wife says—just kidding: the valuable lesson is to be safe and and listen to those who care about you (sounds like a line off Oprah doesn’t it?)
    As far as how I got out of there. I picked myself up and hiked back down the mountain to where I parked my truck because there was no way anyone would have found me in that laurel thicket. If I had perished I guess they could have eventually followed the odor. Sadly, there is no cell phone service in most of the areas where I hike. I tried to not tell Topsy about the injury, but she is a quick study and figured it out when I could not sit down to eat supper that night.

  11. RT- get well soon
    I rediscovered your blog after looking at an old issue of the Link today. I love finding someone whose family sounds so similar to mine (although my husband is a techie lover). Can’t wait to hear about your adventures as I subscribed via e-mail.

  12. Here’s hoping for a quick and uncomplicated recovery! You really can’t be with him ALL the time, Topsy, and I’m imagining this episode will stick (BIG stick) with him for a while.

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