Welcome to my Topsy-Techie world…

I’m a writer, a lover of all things wired and shiny, and a homeschooling mom raising two geeklings who I now have to look up to.  It’s a mind boggling place to be right now, because I was just teaching them how to use a mouse last week!  And now my oldest, Uber-Techie, is doing 3-D modeling that rivals anything Sega and Sony can dream up, and my 12 year old, Hyper-Techie needs to go into rehab for his Youtube addiction.

Where did the time go? 

And where is my husband, Resistant-Techie?  Oh yeah, he’s decided to live in the “real world” where he is the operations director for a homeless shelter.  His other full-time job is keeping his techie-threesome back at home from figuring out how to hack into Microsoft’s product development department.  (I’m sorry but this whole Vista business just isn’t being addressed quickly enough, in our humble opinion)

Our boys, who both have special learning needs, use two different online homeschool curriculums, plus an eclectic mix of other homeschool materials and assistive technology to help them accomplish anything and everything they set their hearts on. 

If you join me on this journey, I hope you will laugh.  A lot.  I hope you will get some creative homeschooling ideas, and I hope you will finally accept that there are families out there who are far more “out there” than your own.  It’s my little contribution to the world. 

My Topsy-Techie world.

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