It’s That Time Again!

Yep, I’m starting up another session of Blogging 101 at  This is always a fun undertaking – – I LOVE watching folks blossom into bloggers in just 8 short weeks! 

So if you have a friend, family member, (or even a high schooler!) who has been contemplating starting a blog, but needs that extra “push”, then push them on over to the website and make them sign up.

The latest course begins Monday, October 12, and it is a fun time.  The greatest part is that as soon as you create your blog, you have an instant audience – – your classmates – – who are there to give you feedback and encouragement as you begin the writing process.

So spread the word…blog it, Facebook it, Twitter it…whatever.  I know that the next big blogger is out there.  And dadgum it – – I want to be the one to find them!!

(Feel free to steal the graphic above!)

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Blogging is so Incestuous!

And yes, of course, I used that title to increase my blog traffic for today.  But I’m in Florida as this “goes to press” so just try to find me and make me change it. Ha!

Anyway… I’ve been discovering some great new blogs.  And I was so proud of myself.  Until, of course, I saw that most of you found them before I did. 

Haven’t you noticed that we homeschoolers – – especially us “out there” ones (hee) tend to run in the same circles?? 

I guess it is only natural that if we like each other’s blogs, then we have similar tastes, and so we are going to gravitate toward other likeminded blogs as well. 

But, just in CASE you’ve missed any of the following bloggers, I’m going to introduce you to them today, and then we can compare blogrolls and make sure no one has one-upped us or found some secret gem of a blog that they are keeping to themselves.  We wouldn’t do that to each other…now would we??

Meet Homeschool On The Edge of Nowhere.  Ruralmama was one of my students in a past session of the Blog Writing Course I teach, and she headed out of the gates with a BANG!  Although her made-from-scratch food habit has given me a severe guilt complex, I still stop by to see what is happening…on the edge of nowhere.

Introducing Wake Up. Start Learning.  Mama Tea, the Hubster, and her boys Iggy, and Ooky will draw you in to their natural unschooling lifestyle and have you begging to come visit. 

And I’d like you to meet Mental Multivitamin.  And I’m going to let her description suffice, just because I like it so much: “M-mv often includes "The recommended daily allowance" — descriptions, synopses, and /or quotes from books, films, and occasionally cds, software, and artwork that can have the same effect on gray matter as juicing can have on the rest of a getting-older-and-wiser body.”

So if you somehow got behind, and haven’t added these bloggy gems to your feed reader, then by golly that is your goal for the week!  Otherwise we can’t be incestuous anymore.  And…well…that’s just not any fun at all.509128581_e5e700a838_t

But you can’t add any more of your own until I get back.  Seriously.  I’ll be watching you… 

Yes, Trust Me…I Get The Irony

The irony of a gal who teaches a blog writing course, but never actually blogs.  Mm-hmm.  I see all your eye-rolls and giggles. 

But until I figure out how to find time for both, then the course wins.  Why?  Because they haven’t figured out how hypocritical I am. 

You guys knew that ages ago. 

So there.  I’ll try to do better this week.  I swear I’ll try.

So go ahead and enjoy some Alanis and roll your eyes all you want until then…

Looking For The Emergency “Off” Button

Yet another busy week is passing by, and I am looking around wondering if the guy who controls this merry-go-round might have stepped out for a smoke.

This past weekend I attended a youth conference with some of the youth from my church, including Uber.  After two nights, three days, and one lost hour of daylight savings with around 80 teenagers, I’m a bit coughed up and spit out.  Hubby seems, wisely, to be mostly steering clear of me until I have completely recuperated.

I’m also in week four of the Blog Writing Course.  We even added another student this week, so I’m trying to corral around 20 newbie bloggers now.  And the diversity of their themes fascinates me to no end.

We’ve got mom bloggers, homeschool bloggers, self-improvement bloggers, travel bloggers, educational bloggers, business bloggers, and one gentleman who is blogging about the ethics of drinking in America. 

Multifarious much, eh?carousel

So all this busyness has continued to keep me away from Topsy-Techieland for far longer than I like. But the good news is that the  next two weeks are spring break for the Topsies!!  I’ve kindly requested that the merry-go-round be closed for repairs, so that we can get some much needed waterfall-visiting time in (ok, and maybe a smidge of yard work as well). 

Pictures of our hikes to follow.

Stay tuned…

Who Do You Think Would Make A Good Blogger?

Ready for a news flash?  Not everyone with an internet connection has their own blog!

I’ll wait quietly while you recover from the shock. 

The funny thing is that there are people in my life that I’m secretly convinced would make a smashing success out of blogging.  Like a friend of mine who lives off the grid.  She and her husband have a self-sufficient farm, complete with various farm animals. They have one daughter who is two years old and they all share a four room cabin.  No electricity.  But they do run a generator every other night to wash dishes and take showers. 

Now granted, it would be a little difficult to blog without a computer or electricity, but I would sign up for her feed in an instant, if for no other reason than to find out how they survive without downloading podcasts.

Another elderly gentleman in my church is a true renaissance man.  He paints. He gardens.  He writes poetry.  He sings the most wonderful deep baritone.  He has never even set his rear end in front of a computer, but he has so much wisdom to share.  Geez, he could send his updates by carrier pigeon, and I would be happy to read them!

bwc_chicletAnd there are millions more people out there with incredible stories  and no way to share them.  I’m bringing this up now because I’m getting ready to help lead another session of the Blog Writing Course.  If you know someone who you think has a story to tell, or just a great way with words, why not send them my way.  Tell them to sign up for this great introduction to blogging, where you are learning right alongside a supportive group of peers who are starting out just like you. 

This ain’t your momma’s writing course.  Not with Topsy at the helm.  This is full-on fun.  So tell your non-blogging friends to get their butts over to the site and sign up!  Everybody’s got a story to tell. 


Blog Deficit Disorder

It was bound to happen, I suppose.  My personal struggles with ADD seem to creep into every nook and cranny of my life eventually.  So, it was inevitable that it would start affecting my blogging, as well.  A few weeks ago, I started another blog on our local newspaper website.  It is all about homeschooling in our county, and the resources available to us.  I throw in some blatant techiness here and there, too, of course.

But what I didn’t realize is that I was edging over a very slippery slope.  I have two work related blogs I write, Vocabulary Is Fun, and Blog Writing Course.  Then of course there is good ole Topsy-Techie, here.  So who knew that starting on one more blog was going to affect me so deeply?  But it does!

j0439350 Now I find myself daydreaming about other blogs – – other subjects that I want to squeeze the living words out of.  I can convince myself in a matter of two seconds that blogging about streaming television, cooking with a food processor, or writing fan fiction would be so much fun.  Do you think there is some kind of blogging time calculator widget out there that would help me figure out how to write ten different blogs and still have time to water the houseplants? 

I find myself quite perturbed at the notion that successful blogs have a theme.  It would be so much more ME to write in my overwrought brain’s natural stream of consciousness format.  Then, I wouldn’t need to write 10 different blogs to satisfy my attention deficit issues – – just one blog that would let me post whatever the heck, random, passing subject happened to cross my brain at that moment.  For instance, tonight, I would write about coal.  H-T found several different coal deposits in my mom’s backyard today, and it is all he can talk about.  He wants to know how it burns, what is has been used for in the past, and what craft you could make with it.  So, I have coal on the brain.  Now, I know that you, my loyal TT readers could probably care less about coal at this moment, so I won’t bore you, but doggone it, I wanna write about coal!!!

So you see, I have issues.  Issues that Ritalin can’t touch.  Issues that can only be addressed in the comfortable confines of my therapist’s office.  Oooh…I’ve always wanted to write a blog about therapy…….

Double the Blogging Means Double The Fun

As some of you know, this blog is the result of a blog writing course I took called “Black Belt Blogging.”  It was an amazing experience, and I met some terrific new bloggers, many of whom are still on my blogroll!  The class was a transformational time for me, because it opened up my eyes to the inspirational world of blogging, which has let me have fun and express myself in ways I had forgotten I could. Black Belt Mama made for an incredible guide and teacher, because in my opinion, she has one of the most enjoyable blogs in the webiverse.  Please drop by and check out her site if you get a chance…but wait till you have a few minutes, because her blog will draw you in and pull you deep into the archives before you will be able to click away. 

That online blog writing course, however, is getting a new name, and a facelift, and is sporting a new free introductory blogging course in addition to the full subscription-based course that I took.  I highly recommend either to anyone who wants to start a blog or build a better one that will draw in readers.  I’ve agreed to contribute to the new blog promoting the course, and I hope you’ll stop by and check out the latest addition to my blogging resume. Who knew that I, the gal that barely knew anything about blogs six months ago, would now be blogging about blogging??!! 

Hey, I’ll use any excuse to stay tethered to my laptop a few more minutes…