A Little Slow On The Uptake

I fancy myself fairly web-savvy…I do!  I’ve had my hand in the waters of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and multiple blogging networks for quite a while now.  But I swear that as fast as I navigate those, there seem to be hundreds more sites out there mocking me from the banks.

You guys know that I do online marketing for a homeschool curriculum company, right?  Well, that company has a new chief marketing manager who is on the pulse of what sites are necessary to be plugged into…so I’m being introduced to things like:  LinkedIn, WeFollow, PeoplePond. 


There is nothing like the internet for creating a sense of inadequacy.  How can I possibly ever keep up???

Well, perhaps having “keeping up” be part of my job description helps, I guess. 

What are your feelings?  Do you feel like you are staying ahead of the curve of the social networking scene, or constantly doggie paddling to keep up?



Twittered Out and Fed Up

You know that aunt that comes to all your family gatherings and feels the need to share in great gory detail about her various aches, pains, surgeries, and scars?  And if you end up having to sit by her all night, you pretty much have to knock back more than just a few Bud Lights to survive the evening with any measure of your sanity intact?

Well, I am telling you to give the woman a break.  Sometimes, even when you know other people don’t care, you just NEED to share.  And besides, throw in a few bad email experiences, and some Windows Vista and I am that aunt.

You see, when things aren’t quite working out in my techie little world, I simply must tell someone.  And since my husband gets this really glaze-y stare when I try to share my online woes with him, then I’m afraid that you are the ones stuck sitting next to me all evening.  It sucks, but life just does, sometimes.  So go grab your lager of choice and DEAL, k?

First of all, I’m tired to death of Twitter.  If you follow me on Twitter, or I have been following you, I apologize in advance if this hurts, but I AM BORED OF YOU!! For some reason, no matter what people Twitter about lately, it just feels rehashed, contrived, and time-wasting.  It was a great experiment, but a failed one overall – – for me at least.  I’m happy to give over my Twitter time to Facebook, anyway because I actually KNOW those folks, and have a history with them.  Face-less messaging somehow just wasn’t my cup of tea after all.

Secondly, I have been lamenting on the fact that no one was updating their blogs lately (including myself).  The truth was everyone else was doing fine…it was my Windows Feed Reader that had gone to hell in a hand basket.  You guys had been saying big important things, like you were moving, and you were having pseudo-fantasies about Dave Matthews, and you were finding snow on the beach, and finding out your children were getting key parts in a play, and I was MISSING IT ALL!  Stupid, stupid Windows!  So, I threw in the towel and manually entered all my feeds into Google Reader (which I later found out you don’t have to do manually, but I’ll save that gory story for another family gathering.)  idaho

Oh Boise, Idaho do I love Google Reader!!!  (BTW, that’s my new  thing.  I randomly insert U.S. cities as exclamations.  I figure it will somehow improve the boys’ geography.)  Now that is a real woman’s feed reader.  It is stylish, sexy, and oh-so-easy on the eyes.  And the best part?  It actually works!!

So let’s go back and recap now, in case you missed one of the details while you were grabbing that last beer.  I’m…

TWITTERED OUT AND FED UP…get it? got it? good.

Sacramento, California that was good to get off my chest!!!  Now you want to hear about my ingrown toenail?


You Get What You Ask For…

So last week I begged for a meme – –  any meme  – – to help me get through my super-duper-allyooper big busy remodeling week, and TLC – -my chocolate-lovin’ bloggin’ buddy over at Send Chocolate – – came through for me.  She tagged me with the task of sharing seven random facts about myself.

So for you, my lovin’ groupies, I’ll do just that.  (Actually I’m just way too exhausted after this week’s project to come up with anything else tonight.)

Here goes nuffin…

  1. I collect antique school books.  I mean the REALLY old ones that came just after the chalk and slate.  They are SO cool!  And you haven’t lived until you have read a school health textbook from 1895.  Leeches, anyone?
  2. I have to have the last word on things.  Unfortunately, my eldest son inherited the trait, which means that arguments with us can go on for days.  You think I’m kidding??  I’m not EVEN kidding.  Days!  And even when it’s “over” he and I are still muttering our last words under our breath as we go off to lick our battle wounds. (And Twittering is becoming an equally difficult problem.  STOP RESPONDING TO ME PEOPLE!! Don’t you understand that I need to be the last one tweeting??!!)
  3. I’m a neglectful parent – – of my plants.  I have two peace lilies that I have killed and brought back to life almost thirty times because of dehydration.  I simply cannot remember to water the poor things.
  4. I have a weird fascination with near death experiences.  I read everything I can about them.  I have never died or been near death so far as I know, but yet I can’t get enough of the NDE’s.  Anybody wanna share?
  5. My wardrobe looks like I shop at my local senior center.  I have no  reasoning for why I tend to dress
    Notice the geriatric neckline and perfectly matching pink capris!

    Notice the geriatric neckline and perfectly matching pink capris!

    like a seventy year old Florida retiree, but my closet is basically a Golden Girls version of Garanimals.  When I accidentally buy something from the JCPenney juniors department, my hubby gets so turned on I have to beat him off with a stick (ok – – walking cane – – whatever)

  6. Everybody has weird useless talents, right? Well mine is for song lyrics.  I can sing along to every song on the radio if I have heard it at least three times.  This holds true for every genre and era of music.  If I’ve heard it, I can sing along with it.  I would estimate that I know approximately a thousand songs from beginning to end. (Wanna take one guess as to how I used to study for tests?) One important exception to this gift of mine – – rap music.  Can’t repeat even one line.  It HAS to have a melody for me to remember it.
  7. I have never watched even one episode of Desperate Housewives.  There.  I’ve said it.  It’s out in the open, and I feel strangely free.  Cleansed even.  God, the things I will admit to random faceless strangers!!

So let’s hear your most random factoid in the comments section, folks!

Discovery Education Network Fall Conference Webinar

den fall conference

I’m attending the DEN Fall Conference Webinar today, and will be Twittering all about it, so if you are interested in what cool things are going on in the world of education and technology, be sure to follow my Tweets today! (Twitter ID: simplywrite)

I’ll definitely be bringing it back to roost as far as homeschoolers go, in a future Friday’s HHH post, as well.  By the way, if you are interested, it isn’t too late to sign up!  Come join us at the webinar