Can You Imagine What Scrabble Does To Us??

Hubby and I have discovered a secret passion.  After sixteen years of marriage, it is important to flame the fires that keep things interesting and exciting.  I wanted to take ballroom dancing lessons, but he puts dancing right up there with getting an enema as activities to generally avoid.  I’ve also suggested reading aloud to each other, but at our age, lying in bed at night reading tends to elicit more drool than desire.  Hubby has had some suggestions for spicing things up along the way, as well.  And after my hernias from laughter healed, he gave up on most of them. 

But then one day, just as a chance happenstance, we stumbled across something that caused our breath to quicken and our heart to race in unison.  The object of our simultaneous arousal?  TextTwist – – that torrid computer game of twisted letters and jumbled words. Just the name brings a grin of furtive delight to my face.  Very few things in our married life have brought us the singular satisfaction of watching our high scores go higher as we twist and turn those letters into submission. 

From the first time we discovered the game, we were instantly hooked.  We found ourselves sneaking off into the bedroom at various times in the day just to huddle around the dim glow of the laptop and unscramble to our hearts compcupid content.  I am always the typist in our gaming romps, because my fingers fly at the speed of light.  But that doesn’t at all diminish R-T’s role in the gameplay.  It takes teamwork to call out each of the words intertwined within those mismatched letters.  And after each round we look at one another lovingly and offer words of shared joy or frustration at our successes and failures.  

Who knows why the simple seduction of letter twisting has had such a profound effect on our marriage?  Maybe it is the unexpected look that R-T gets in his eye when he sees that we are both reaching for the laptop at the same time.  Perhaps it is the way I bite my lip when we have almost beaten our high score.  It could even be that tingly feeling we both get when the victory sound effects start playing after a hard-fought win.  Whatever it is, I hope it continues for many years to come.  Oh, sorry everyone.  Gotta go.  (Giggle)  “R-T, stop swinging that mouse.  You are such a tease!”