**jst not bf materL**

 Uber came to a conclusion this week.  During our morning prayer and discussion time, he announced that he wasn’t really “boyfriend material.”  A bit perplexed by this sudden revelation, I probed further to see what had spurred him toward such a conclusion about himself.  He replied that it was because he “just couldn’t make it work” with this girl in his class.

Keep in mind, here, that Uber goes to a virtual school.  This girl, that he was referring to, is his on-again, off-again cyber-crush, who also happens to attend the same school.  Now normally, I try to take my boys pretty seriously when they reveal a deep insight about themselves.  But just between us…I’m not sure Uber, at 13, should be throwing in the towel just yet.

So far as I know, Uber and Uber-Crush’s relationship has subsisted up to now of whispering in class (that’s where they send each other private messages via the school communication system), IM’ing after class, and checking out each other’s avatars (which I’m taking for granted have been fully clothed at all times).

So in this humble mom’s opinion, not “being able to make it work” under these circumstances hardly seems reason enough to decide you aren’t boyfriend material. Shouldn’t there at least be an accidental email sent to the wrong girl’s address?  Or forgetting to meet her in the chat room at 8:00?  Maybe even ignoring her IM messages while he plays a video game?

Now THAT would assure you top billing on the bad “cyber-boyfriend material” checklist.  But my Uber is prompt with his emails, considerate with his chat dates, and always answers his incoming IM’s in a timely manner.  So far as I’m concerned, it’s the girl who is the problem.  I always thought her avatar looked like she was trying too hard. 

Don’t worry Uber…the right gal for you is out there…she just may not have you on her friend’s list yet.