Anyone Seen My Hacky Sack?

I have lately realized that being “Techie” doesn’t necessarily mean being “Fetch” (which, I am told, means ‘with the times’).   In fact, my boys often accuse me of being out of the loop – – even old fashioned – – about some things.  Fashioned, maybe….but old?  Hmph.

I’ll admit that I just don’t get most of what classifies as “reality” programming.  And it’s not because I haven’t tried to understand it.  I watched quietly as the Osbournes let their dogs poo on every surface of their million dollar home, endured a season of watching the wind from Donald Trump’s helicopter blow his coif every way but off, and even sat patiently by as a couple different bachelors made the difficult decision of which drunken harlot to give away his respectability rose to.  My final impressions?  I much prefer the harsh surrealism of screenwritten drama to the “real” exhibitionism of TV reality.  Outdated?  Check.

I also have antiquated emails.  I don’t mean that I have my inbox stuffed with notes from 1999, I mean I write my emails the way Mrs. Manners would.  My kids get so embarrassed when their friends catch sight of something I’ve sent them via email.  I mean the humiliation of having a mom who still uses capitalization and punctuation is fairly mortifying.  I even have been known to use complete sentences when I write (but please keep that between us – – my boys have reputations to maintain). Once in a long while, just to get their goat, I’ll even throw in a “Sincerely” or a “Respectfully Yours” in an email just for fun.  Archaic?  Check.

Our household doesn’t have one single HD-compatible item in it. Believe it or not, I’ve never once viewed an HD-DVD.  I’m not sure why I missed that boat, except that maybe I never saw enough late night infomercials about the technology to really be convinced.  Anyway, it looks like my old-fashioned ways might have paid off this time.  Did you see the news story about how HD-DVD’s are being phased out?  Yep…it seems that Blu Ray is sending HD-DVD the way of Beta and Ruben Studdard.  Walmart, Netflix, and Blockbuster are all going to be dropping their HD-DVD’s to make room for more Blu Ray discs.  Behind the times?  You bet your fanny pack! Check!

Gotta admit… I’m feeling a little vindicated in my non-fetchiness at the moment.  All those high-tech mommas who plunked down a few hundred dollars for the most state-of-the-art HD DVD players last year, are feeling a wee bit silly right now aren’t they?  Not Topsy.  Nope, I’m feeling pretty triumphant sitting here listening to my boom box and playing with my Furby.  No one will be calling ME old fashioned anymore, now will they??

I can’t be completely alone out here in the land of the obsolete. What about you….what do you still own or do that makes people think you might not be completely “fetch”? Share in the comments section below…