Sometimes, You Just Need A Break

I’m writing this blog entry on pencil and paper because we are on a break.  No, no Kit-Kat’s are involved here.  The break I’m referring to is the Techie family “Screen Break.”  We all sat down as rational (hee) family members and discussed the fact that we have nearly three entire months of summer vacation ahead of us, and we needed a plan.  One that would include staying away from our computer screens for a set amount of time each day in order that our familial hunchback syndrome doesn’t worsen, and so that our neighbors will stop collecting our mail for us “in our absence.”

So, at this family meeting, we discussed the types of activities that we could do during our screen breaks.  My first suggestion was yard work.  I knew the boys had probably spent a little too much quality time with their PC’s when they both looked at me wide-eyed.  We had a yard???!!!

It was obviously time to introduce Uber and H-T to Mr. Trowel and Mrs. Shears.  After about an hour of good hard work, they were actually getting the hang of it.  Especially when Uber stopped trying to hold the trowel like a joystick.  The backside of my front flower garden is virtually weed free, and the bush that I have tried to kill for the past three years looks like it may have actually given up the ghost after H-T went after it like Rambo in an Afghan desert.  The boys were pretty good sports about their first day of screen break (aka manual labor).  I was quite proud.

I thought I’d make our next screen break a little more teen friendly, so I suggested we head to the pool this time.  Interestingly, it was very easy to get them to part from their ‘puters for a few hours when there was water and bikini-clad sunbathers involved.  The screen-free time fairly flew that day as they happened across some friends and plenty of eye-candy.

So I got to thinking.  What if I invited a few of those gals in their summer skivvies to come help with the yard work next time?  I’m figuring if I turn on the hose every once in a while, it will be almost the same experience.  And who wouldn’t give up a few hours of multiplayer online games for such good clean family fun?

This screen break idea is genius.  Pure genius.  lonely computer


My Spring Break To-Do List

It’s spring break for the Techies!!!  Two weeks of glorious, guilt-free techiness with little or no interruptions.  What shall I do?  What shall I do?  I know, I’ll be extra geeky and make a list……

  1.  Finish my computer recipe file.  You know those cute little boxes of recipes that get handed down from generation to generation?  Those are SO passe.  Now, you spend 800 hours typing your faves into your computer, filing them by category, cuisine, and ingredients.  Then you spend 400 more hours taking pictures of each of the recipes as you prepare them, then scanning them into the program for visual effect.  No more going to the little box and ruffling through it to find your needed recipe.  Nope, they are now right at the tip of your laptop…after you spend 5 minutes booting it up, then loading the program, then typing in the search terms.  Talk about a time saver! 
  2. Work on my digital scrapbook.  I “invested” in one of those digital scrapbook programs that lets you do all sorts of creative things with your pictures and memories.  I think I thought that if the project involved my mouse and flashing screen, it would be more motivating than big books of colored construction paper and various curvy cut scissors.  I may have been mistaken. It seems that pictures of us huddled over laptops at various seasons and holidays just doesn’t do much for the creative juices.  Maybe next year we could turn off our virtual fireworks display on the 4th, and go outside and see what’s happening in the sky?  Who knows?  There could be an inspiring Kodak moment there.
  3. Work on reunion emailsThis year is the dreaded 2-0.  Yep, you heard me.  20 years. I was graduating high school long before Hannah Montana was a zygote in the Disney incubator.  Before Michael Jackson had gone “Bad” and before Bono was a Nobel nominee.  So 20 years later, it is reunion time, and that means figuring out where all those crazy kids in the parachute pants ended up.  Hopefully, they all signed up at  Otherwise, I’ve got my work cut out for me.
  4. 3D Landscape my flower gardenNothing says spring like digitally designing your petunia layout with your new gardening software.  Where else can you read about common pests, research new garden tools, read profiles of each of your perennials, and watch animated videos of your dream garden – – all in the same place!  This program has everything a green thumb could want: a garden care calendar, the ability to “see” your garden from every angle and in every season, and even a botanical game.  Wait, a botanical game?  I didn’t know that was in here.  How cool!  Name seven perennials native to the Southwest?  Oh, I can SO beat this level………….

Maybe I was getting a little too ambitious there. I mean there will always be summer break, right?  After all, most people spend spring break doing shots off people’s belly buttons, right?  So perhaps I was overshooting a bit.  Spring break is for fun, for frolicking, for becoming a Level 3 Master Gardener….Two main functions of leaves?  Are they kidding me?  I am going to OWN this game…

p.s.  While I earn my medal in microflora, I would sure love to hear from all of you…what are your plans for spring break?