Next Best Thing to Being An Extra on Grey’s…

Yes, I am slightly obsessed with television, and have referred to it once or twice here on my blog.  So what?  At least I’m not quite as over-the-moon over the tube as super-cool Middle Aged Fan Girl.  Now that is one media princess whose life manual happens to be a TV Guide.

Anyway, as if it weren’t fun enough to read her take on the ins and outs of shows like Grey’s, Brothers and Sisters, Smallville, and various TV flashbacks, she was kind enough to host an awesome Celebrity Spa Giveaway.

Can you guess who won??

Oh yeah, baby!  It was ME!!!!           

(pic via

So, in the next couple of weeks, if I go missing for a couple days, it is simply because I have received my luxurious basket of goodies in the mail, and am too busy sitting in my rose-scented petal bath, eating my dark chocolate, and catching up on Tori Spelling’s latest faux pas to give you the time of day. 

Not to worry…I’m sure I’ll be back in business as soon as the Spa Water candle burns down to the wick. 

A HUGE thanks to Jenn over at Middle Aged Fan Girl for sponsoring this wonderful giveaway!

And speaking of giveaways, don’t forget to rack up yet another entry for the HP Printer  by commenting on this post! 


Fall TV – Out of the Starting Gates

So we are a couple weeks into the new fall TV season, and I’m curious what you guys are watching.  Here is my current pictorial playlist…




It’s creepy and it’s kooky. Marvelous and spooky. 

Nope, not the Addams Family.  It’s Fringe.  And it is basically X-Files without the dark Vancouver backdrop.  There are scenes acted so deliciously that you wanna go ahead and beg for your pass to the backstage Emmy celebration.  Best new show of the season, IMO.




This year it’s all about the Hahn.  This time, though, it’s not Jessica, the televangelist tittilater, but Dr. Erika Hahn, who might or might not be playing for the girl’s team this year.  I love this gal, with her un-stereotypically Hollywood looks and her goofy facial expressions.  This Doc has got it going on!




This multi-layered detective show is just so darn much fun to watch!  Charlie is constantly pulled between his need for zen peace and his need for sweet revenge, and has plenty of distraction in his beautiful junkie partner.  Too much fun to be completely legal…count yourself warned.




The jury isn’t completely in on season 2.  I watched the first episode, and if Dell is quitting, then is there really any reason to continue watching.  I love Addison, sure, but she’s not enough to get me to attached to an LA medical practice for 43 minutes a week.  Just don’t get rid of Dell, producers!  Just don’t!!




Granted, this one hasn’t even premiered yet (tomorrow night, 10pm, CBS), but I am already mighty intrigued.  It’s got science.  It’s got fiction.  Maybe that doesn’t make it science fiction, but its close enough in my book to give it the ol’ college try.  I hope this is as good as it looks and sounds, cause we need one more good sci-fi hit this year, I think.


Keep in mind, that I watch all of these online, so if it ain’t available to stream, I don’t see it.  So those of you who are privy to such high-falutin’ things as cable or satellite might have a completely different list.  So tell me what I am missing in the comments, k?  I promise not to feel slighted. (Fingers crossed doesn’t count)

Just how good is it??

Have you seen those Yoplait ads, where the women are sitting around eating their incredibly tasty yogurt, and comparing the experience with the height of everything good they can imagine??  They say things like…”This is not-standing-in-line-at-the-ladies-room good”    or   “dating-a-masseuse good”….you know the ones, right?

I like yogurt fine, but I probably wouldn’t compare it to –say–being put in charge of the chocolate fountain at a wedding reception.  But hey…to each his own.  But even without yogurt, I feel pretty good today.  We are just one day away from the end of the homeschool year, and it has been an incredibly successful year, in my opinion.  Life is good today.  How good you ask?  Well, let me tell you…….


  • Seeing-your-oldest-son-finish-his-final-science-project good
  • Cooercing-your-hubby-into-doing-most-of-the-actual-work good
  • Having-the-whole-thing-actually-do-what-it-is-supposed-to good
  • Basking-in-David-Cook’s-Idol-win good
  • Knowing-that-tonight-is-the-two-hour-Grey’s-Anatomy-finale good
  • Hearing-your-youngest-son-express-his-desire-to-work-with-the-Red-Cross-so-he-can-help-people-when-he-grows-up good
  • Going-car-shopping-for-a-less-gas-guzzling-model good
  • Having-your-honey-bring-you-home-a-piece-of-decadent-double-chocolate-cake-just-because good
  • Getting-to-talk-to-your-long-distance-BFF-on-the-phone good
  • Downloading-a-super-cool-CD-for-just-99-cents-because-of-a-price-mistake good
  • Knowing-it-is-Memorial-Day-weekend-and-the-weather-forecast-is-terrific good

Yep, today is a very good day.  Here’s hoping yours is too….