King Midas and the Disappearing Avatars

Uber was in a play yesterday.  It was his first school play, and he did really well.  I was so proud!  Of course, there were problems, as all school plays are apt to face. 

First off, Uber and a couple other classmates were invisible at the beginning of the play.  Then, one of the cast members kept floating above the stage, which caused definite issues.  The most frustrating problem was that the players were all typing so fast that the avatars in the audience could barely keep up!

Wait…did I mention that this was a virtual play????

Ok, go back and read that last paragraph in context, and then get on board, people!! This is the 21st century, for cryin’ out loud!!  Did you think we actually needed a stage, or cloth costumes, or any such outdated modalities in this day and age??!!

Nope, this was a play in cyberspace.  Uber’s 9th grade Ancient Civ class at WiloStar3D Academy has been studying Greek mythology, and yesterday they performed a play based on the story of King Midas.

midas play 1

Uber was a guard, and granted, his part was small, but he did it with flair and his own unique touch (he kept guarding the wrong avatar – – hee).  Anyway, it was first ever school play, and – – virtual or not – – I still have bragging rights!!

midas play 2

If you have curiosity, patience, and plenty of bandwidth, head on over and check out what the school play of the future might just look like. (may take time to buffer – – seems to work best on xp/vista)