Just how good is it??

Have you seen those Yoplait ads, where the women are sitting around eating their incredibly tasty yogurt, and comparing the experience with the height of everything good they can imagine??  They say things like…”This is not-standing-in-line-at-the-ladies-room good”    or   “dating-a-masseuse good”….you know the ones, right?

I like yogurt fine, but I probably wouldn’t compare it to –say–being put in charge of the chocolate fountain at a wedding reception.  But hey…to each his own.  But even without yogurt, I feel pretty good today.  We are just one day away from the end of the homeschool year, and it has been an incredibly successful year, in my opinion.  Life is good today.  How good you ask?  Well, let me tell you…….


  • Seeing-your-oldest-son-finish-his-final-science-project good
  • Cooercing-your-hubby-into-doing-most-of-the-actual-work good
  • Having-the-whole-thing-actually-do-what-it-is-supposed-to good
  • Basking-in-David-Cook’s-Idol-win good
  • Knowing-that-tonight-is-the-two-hour-Grey’s-Anatomy-finale good
  • Hearing-your-youngest-son-express-his-desire-to-work-with-the-Red-Cross-so-he-can-help-people-when-he-grows-up good
  • Going-car-shopping-for-a-less-gas-guzzling-model good
  • Having-your-honey-bring-you-home-a-piece-of-decadent-double-chocolate-cake-just-because good
  • Getting-to-talk-to-your-long-distance-BFF-on-the-phone good
  • Downloading-a-super-cool-CD-for-just-99-cents-because-of-a-price-mistake good
  • Knowing-it-is-Memorial-Day-weekend-and-the-weather-forecast-is-terrific good

Yep, today is a very good day.  Here’s hoping yours is too….