Curtains, please.

When I first began blogging in January of 2008, it was sort of an “experiment.”  I was taking a Blog Writing Course, and knew that I wanted to write about something.  That “something” seemed most naturally to be our tech-infused life.  So Topsy-Techie was born!!

It’s amazing how many things change in just two years.  We went from cyber-crazed homeschoolers to unschoolers.  Our passion for technology, while certainly still active, has taken a sort of backseat to spending time with new friends, becoming active in our local homeschooling group, and adventuring in the outdoors.  I went from working around five hours a week, to closer to twenty-five, which left me not quite as excited about spending MORE time on my laptop when I clocked out for the day. 

I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t feel so much Topsy-Techie, as I do just “Topsy” most days.  And I kinda feel like I’ve said all I have to say about our digital life.  I’m sort of wanting to move in a new direction with my blogging, and I don’t even yet know what direction that will be…but that is the exciting part!!!

I guess what I’m beating around the bush about is that I have decided to put Topsy-Techie on the shelf for now.  The most difficult part of that decision is that this blog is where I have met some of my dearest cyber-buddies.  You know who you are.  You know more about my life than 80% of my family members, and probably visa versa.  I have loved sharing my ups and downs, my warped sense of humor, and my techie tips with you.  I have truly felt blessed by your virtual laughter and encouragement and reality checks. 

I will definitely still be dropping by your necks of the woods to keep up with your goings on.  And I will still be accessible.  Some of you are already friends with me on Facebook.  Others of you bump into me most days at my website,  And for everything else, there is always email

I can’t thank you enough for letting me share myself, Resistant-Techie, Uber-Techie, and Hyper-Techie with you these last 2+ years.  You have made this more than just a BLOG for me – – you have made it a community. 

I will never forget this Topsy-Techie experience……………


Bittersweet Sixteen

16 years ago today I got my first glimpse of the face that was going to change my life for the better forever…

I’m quite sure at that moment I had absolutely no preconceived notions about what that little tyke would be like at the ripe old age of sixteen, but even if I had…he has far exceeded them all.

So today was the day to celebrate Uber, and celebrate we did – – mostly by eating our way through the better part of two counties!!  Andy’s “formal” celebration was on Saturday, when we got together with 15 of our good friends and family for an outing to the local minor league baseball diamond.  Our home team lost in a big way, but we made up for it in loud enthusiastic support!

But today was all about the food!!

Homemade waffles in bed for starters…

A stop by our favorite coffee cafe, where Uber is so much of a regular that they had a candle-topped muffin already waiting for him!

Then it was time for Andy to cash in on his birthday present from one of our dearest friends – – lunch out at a local vegan eatery.  Right up Uber’s meat-free alley!! What we didn’t know was that our friend’s restaurant suggestion even provided free birthday favors in the unisex bathroom!!!  Those vegans know how to party!!!

After a little more rambling around in Uber’s favorite sections of counter-cultural society, it was time to eat AGAIN…this time at Timeworn-Techie’s house for burritos, and of course some ice cream and cake. 

I swear the poor kid just told me, “Don’t worry about fixing me anything for breakfast tomorrow mom.  I won’t be hungry.”

Thank goodness we couldn’t afford a car for the kid on his big day.  He’s going to need to walk till he’s 17 just to burn off today’s calories!!

Happy 16th Birthday Uber!!!