Maybe I Can Practice While I Vacuum

Believe me, I understand how vomitous it is to read yet another blog post by someone saying how busy they are.

But I am seriously, no-holds-barred, barely-can-find-time-to-take-a-shower, ready-to-run-screaming-down-the-street kind of busy right now. 

So please forgive me for my bloggy neglect. 

j0283975 And to ADD to the busyness I am seriously thinking of taking up the harmonica.  I have no idea why.  I just want to.  My dad played a little, and maybe I’m just having missing-my-daddy issues.  But the harmonica looks like so much dang fun to play. 

On the downside, I’ve never really been able to get proficient in playing any other instrument.  Five years of piano lessons gave me the ability to plunk through a few elementary-age songs fairly well.  That is the height of my expertise.

To make it even worse, I have several family members who can pick up any musical instrument and make it bend to their will immediately. 

Stupid gene selection!! 

We have a neighbor who sits out on her back deck every night and plays the Native American flute.  Won’t it be cool when I just chime in with my harmonica out of the blue one evening???!!!  It’s almost worth it to learn just for that moment alone.

But the most positive side effect of all?  My boys will see that you are NEVER too old to let your interests lead you toward learning.  Golly, I love unschooling!!

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  1. We had a neighbor who played the fiddle and the Harmonica on the porch at night. He was almost acre away and the sounds drifted over. It was aweful. He was really not very good. But the wind carried the sounds and it sounded so sweet by the time it hit our garden. 🙂 Harmonica is fun. YouTube yourself up some lessons!

  2. Wait. We’re supposed to Vacuum?

  3. Hee-Haw…Go Topsy!!!!

  4. I understand completely about playing an instrument. Just today my older son received two fliers from school about band and the string orchestra next year (6th grade). No musical experience necessary, the class would be during the day, etc. I was thisclose to tears, because growing up, I never had that chance. I’ve always, always wanted to play the violin.

  5. We were on a hike last week when my nine-year-old asked me out of the blue if he could research ‘the cross-section of a harmonica” to find out how it works; he’s been amusing our chickens with his sweet tunes ever since!

    I find that I have a hard time explaining why we love unschooling so much to those who don’t get it; I think I’m going to direct them to your blog next time I get a question.


  6. I have no. talent. at. all. for. anything. at. all.

    But don’t let my deficiencies bring you down, get to going on that harmonica. I’ll be front and center at your first recital. 😉

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