The Freshman 15


When I entered my freshman year of college, I weighed a whopping 95 pounds, soaking wet.  Gaining weight had never been my strong suit, and try as I had through high school to keep my chicken-bone legs hidden, I was still teased mercilessly about “being so thin that if I had an extra Coke, I could be used for a thermometer.”

So I had no real thought of my body size ever really changing…and then…COLLEGE happened.  My diet basically consisted of yeast rolls and honey with an occasional meat patty or salad thrown in for variety.  I sat in the library and studied.  My exercise, other than the required PE electives, consisted of climbing the stairs to my 9th floor dorm room a couple times a week when I was too impatient to wait on the elevator.  I was entirely too busy to notice that by the time Christmas break came around, my clothes were a lot more form-fitting.  In fact, all this happened completely without my knowledge or assent – – I just turned around in a year’s time and BAM!!  I was almost exactly 15 pounds heavier! But having been so painfully thin throughout childhood and adolescence, I almost found this growth spurt endearing.

Cut to…2009.  Longer work hours at the computer, prescription meds with the obligatory side-effect of “ungodly possible weight gain”, and a nasty new habit of eating every time I walk into the kitchen has again put me right back into the circumstances of freshman year.  Packing on the pounds without even realizing what was happening!  And believe me, I’ve added the freshman 15 at least twice over now, and my clothes are a lot more than just snug.  “Endearing” is not quite the word I would use for my current feeling about my pear-shaped reflection in the mirror. 

I’ve definitely made some feeble efforst to battle the bulge, including a stab at the “S Diet”, which was working well until it wasn’t.  I’ve also had several bouts of consistent exercise, which was working well until it wasn’t. 

So now, the girl who used to be teased about her knobby knees and bony butt would give just about anything to be able to even DISTINGUISH those bones again.

Please, bloggy buddies, tell me what a computer-bound, spinelesss, stick-in-the-mud, pre-menopausal woman is to do to get back down to a healthy weight again!!

I’m not under the impression that I will ever be mistaken for my high-school self again, but I wouldn’t mind at least becoming recognizable to myself in the mirror again.

Feel free to insert words of advice or encouragement below……….                                         



Summer is so…so…unstructured, isn’t it?  I guess that is a good thing, because we all need some “unstructured,” right?  But what about us ADD-types?  I’m beginning to think that there is such a thing as TOO much unstructured.

My exercising, for instance, has gone the way of the dinosaur.  During regular homeschooling months, I always fit the exercising right into part of my daily schedule.  Now, I just wait for the wind to blow my stair-stepper in my direction (so far, the winds are pretty calm here).  Oh well, I’d prefer to hike and dance and walk to the library and do more non-exercisy-type things anyway. 

I AM, however, being consistent with my No-S diet.  I’m not really weighing because I really want to concentrate more on it being a new way of eating than just a way to “lose weight.”  But my pants are already a little less snug, so I’m thinking it is having some positive side effects!

In other news, we still haven’t found our girl.  Golly I miss that black cow of a dog!  When we go to feed our other dog and see both bowls sitting there, waves of depression come over all of us.  We’re still getting the occasional call, though.  And checking the Animal Shelter about every two days.  I haven’t completely given up…but almost. (Sniff.)

My cousin won the title of “Coon Dog Day Queen.”  What do you  mean you haven’t heard of the “Coon Dog Day Queen”??!!  Well, suffice it to say that here in Redneck Central, we DO have a Coon Dog Day, where we celebrate those coon-tracking dogs that hunters are so fond of.   And that celebration is topped off by electing a Coon Dog Day Queen.  And my cousin won this year.  And she will ride on a float or some such thing tomorrow in the Coon Dog Day parade.  And yes, I will be front and center to see it.  Wouldn’t you??

In sadder news, my grandmother is passing away.  My 98-year-old Nana who in my eyes will always have the title of “Most Incredible Cook” in the entire southeast.  Let’s just say my Nana’s pecan pie could have put Paula Deen to shame.  She was just that good.  And she taught me just about everything I know in the kitchen…AND how to play bridge, to boot.  I know its almost her time, but I’ve had just about enough of goodbyes this week. 

So how’s all that for random?  I dare you to make a connection between any or all of it.  I certainly was too lazy to today.  Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Give Me An “S”!

After a great week with our out-of-towners, we had a truckload of pictures to go through.  I have always loved pictures.  The smiles on the faces…the candid poses…seeing which shmuck had the closed eyes in each group pic.  So much fun.

Until this year.  This year, looking at pics has been less like fun and more like torture.  I have put on about 15 pounds in a year’s time, and the camera – – she don’t lie.  Oh, the frustration of it all. 

I overlooked the extra 15 or so I added with each of my kiddos.  Just part of being a woman of a certain age, I rationalized.  But those last 15?  Not one darn excuse that seems to work for me.

Even worse, I just don’t DO fad diets.  They make me cranky, and hormonal and not too much fun to live with.  And I DON’T do counting calories.  Lord knows I’ve got enough details in my life to juggle without adding the excruciating rigmarole of checking every label and pulling out the food scale.

But just as I was at the point of disgust with the latest crop of pictures, I happened across a website that grabbed my interest.  It was called Everyday Systems, and it is basically just common sense solutions toward moderating particular behaviors.  I’m all for moderation (in moderation, of course).nosdiet

One of the systems deals with eating, and it is called the No “S”  Diet.  There is no counting.  No obsessing.  No foods that are taboo; no miracle health pills.  Just a mantra, and a few simple rules. 

  • and one exception to the rule:

“S”imple, eh?  I didn’t really need to, but I bought the book.  The mantra basically explains itself, but the book is a good motivational tool.  You eat three balanced meals…anything and everything that can fit in one horizontal layer on an average plate.  Then you are done until the next meal.  No foods are off limits except for sweets.  And on weekends (“S”aturdays, “S”undays) and “S”pecial Days (holidays/birthdays/etc), all rules are null and void.  You can eat what you want, when you want.

It’s a way of eating, rather than a diet.  You don’t feel like you are missing out, because you know that no matter where you are in your week, you’ll be having those foods you crave in less than five days.  Delayed gratification.  I can deal with that. 

This is my first few days with the plan, and I actually think I might stick with this thing.  My tummy has been a little growly before meals, but seeing as how I had forgotten what a growly tummy even felt like, I’m figuring that isn’t such a bad thing.  I’ve already started craving sweets less, since I’m not feeding the beast, and that is a pleasant surprise.  Next week will be the testing ground though: PMS!! 

Might be screaming for some “S” days if I don’t get my prerequisite chocolate fix.  I’ll keep you posted…


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